CS10 System

High static profiles, various design and color options, high hardware options;

CS10 Winter garden system seamlessly fits into your home's existing architecture. It develops your garden in desired dimensions with its high strength profiles. You can lock your winter garden with the windows and systems you want. Fitting all windows and door systems, the CS10 winter garden system offers all the options you want.

CS10 Winter garden system; The system profiles with different designs meet all your needs with integrated concealed rainwater outlet, LED lighting system and shading systems.


  • Aluminum profiles that provide high strength
  • Maximum air and thermal insulation
  • Different design options
  • Heat-insulated windows and door systems made of aluminum
  • Integrated LED lighting system
  • CE certificates for the entire system


  • Works in harmony with your home and garden.
  • It offers living space for all seasons.
  • Beautifies your garden with its modern and unique profile system.
  • It offers easy installation with differently designed profiles in the system.
  • It offers easy installation in wide openings with high-strength profiles.
  • All connection points have a minimum profile thickness of 4 mm.
  • It has safety insulating glass up to 30 mm thick.
  • The system has an integrated LED lighting.
  • The system has an integrated concealed drainage and leaf holder system.


  • HBSB sliding window system
  • Folding door system
  • Door and window system
  • LED lighting system
  • Decorative Abdeckungen aus Aluminum
  • Blatthalter